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The MBA Tour provides access to registration data for each event a school registers for. Each school has the ability to send one email to the pre-registration database before the event to advertise its program.

An exclusive service that enables you to track your event performance by showing the results of each event you attend, including total event registration and attendance, candidates that plan to apply to your program, candidates you met (scanned) at the event, School Presentation attendance, and more!

The MBA Tour provides a scanner to each participating business school to instantly capture candidate contact info at conferences and eliminate extra office work. Some of the data captures includes age, work experience, program interests, and industry.

To ensure successful attendance of high quality candidates at our events, we promote the event through many channels, including social media, print advertisements, test prep and consulting companies, and MBA Resource networks.

A public resource on The MBA Tour website for candidates to research your program. Includes information on demographics, location, program highlights, etc.

The Tour Members Website is the go-to location for everything you need. Get access to hotels, visa info, shipping info, conference guidelines, tour handbooks, and tour itineraries in addition to cultural information to help you prepare for international travel.

Download our Brochure!

Our 2019-2020 brochure includes everything from tour dates and locations, event formats, pricing, and more!


Travel Package

Remove the stress and hassle of travel planning by selecting one of our popular Travel Packages throughout many of our regional recruiting tours. This package gives you the benefit of our group rates with hotels, airlines, and affordable airport transfers by traveling with the rest of the group on safe and air-conditioned buses. You can rely on our experienced staff to make all of your travel arrangements so you can focus your time on connecting with candidates. Not only will you be able to focus on applicant outreach, but you also have the opportunity to travel and connect with your colleagues in the industry.

Get more info about our 2019-2020 Travel Packages here.


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